It’s a minute slice of time — a record of history through the photographer’s lens. I’ve always been curious and amazed that one could take a moment of life and record it for others to see, or for me to remember.

I only share a handful of the photographs that I’ve quietly created, from thought or inspiration, over the many years spent looking out into the world. There are many who surpass my skills and aesthetics, but for me it’s a creative escape from the everyday.

I share my personal and growing collection with you and I hope you enjoy them.

Self described as an all-around good guy with the penchant for laughter and a good movie, photography is something that I think I will never get tired of. Of course, there are other things to occupy my time like music, other forms of art, being technologically creative, watching and playing sports and spending time with my close friends.

If you wish to contact me about my photographs, or just want to chat, feel free to drop me a line…

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